The Organ

According to, there are only nine Aeolian-Skinner organs in Wisconsin. One of the closest ones to me is Opus 1234 at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church in Kaukauna.   Opus 1234 is not a large organ, but it is large enough to display the concept of the American Classic Organ, a style that Aeolian-Skinner defined by much of its work under G. Donald Harrison. The console of Opus 1234 does not bear Harrison’s signature plate, but it was built during a very productive time.

The organ shows that it was built for flexibility and versatility. The one reed, the Swell Fagott 8’ is voiced so that it can work as an Oboe, a Cromorne or a Trumpet. With couplers, it can become a full 16’, 8’ and 4’ reed chorus.  Coupled to the Great, it gives the Great’s clear plenum some fire. The strings are quite mellow. The flutes are distinct from one another. The 4’ flutes display some delightful natural wind destabilization.

In the 2013 restoration by Letourneau, façade principals for the Pedal and Great divisions were added, along with a 2’ Waldfloete on the Great. While the organ was versatile and complete before, the new principals give it some additional weight and power. 

The Great chamber is on the right, the Swell is on the left. The Pedal Subbass and Choralbass are with the Great, The Pedal Principal and Gemshorn are with the Swell.

The Virtual Model

All of the organ's console functions are replicated in the virtual model in jOrgan.

  • The sounds in the soundfont were recorded from the actual Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1234. This is not derived from the synthesized sounds in the ACO.
  • The organ did not have a transposer, but it is provided on the virtual console.
  • Many other standard virtual organ features are included, along with a dynamic wind model.  
  • I did not remember if the chimes were enclosed in the Swell, or only positioned behind the Swell, so I have supplied a "Chimes Enclosed / Not Enclosed" switch so they can function either way.
  • A console for a single monitor with some of the additional controls is also provided (not shown).

Download: j3.20_Aeolian-Skinner_Opus_1234_1953_1.0.7z