The Organ

Möller Opus 3864 shows craftsmanship. Each rank is quite pleasant in harmonics. The Celeste is warm. The Open Diapason sings. The influence of theatre organ building is present with its unification and duplexing, but in this organ the reuse of ranks is not in excess. The string and celeste stops make some simple orchestral effects possible.  The single principal (Open Diapason 8’) on the organ makes a nice solo stop with the softer stops of the swell. It can easily be made into a “plenum” by using the 4’ coupler. For the size of Zion church, the Open Diapason played in octaves does fill the room. 

The Virtual Model 

The organ is replicated to show how it would sound and function in pristine condition.

• The original organ had a combination system that used a setter button and a pedal lever. I have opted for the standard style of combinations and setter. 

• The Lieblich Gedackt 16’ pedal stop activates the Bourdon 16’ rank along with a volume reducing switch filter, reflecting the way the original organ reduced the wind in the rank to reduce the volume. 

Download: j3.20_Moller_Opus_3864_1924_1.0.7z